Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ok so this is what happened......

This cleaning thing is really for the birds, i have to say. Thurs I got home from work sooooo tired, but i had to clean the kitchen. So as my mom chatted with me, i moved all the chairs, swept the whole floor. Then I used the Swiffer to spot mop.
That counts right??
It did actually look better and i did clean off and wash down the counters.
PET PEEVE: When things are sitting around that clearly have a place to go! drives me insane.
So Friday was dining room day. I got home from work, and the Ex was here to get the kids. I went out to get my nails done and then went to the sis's house. Didnt get home till 9:30pm. Never looked at the list, in fact, forgot it even exsisted.
Today is laundry day, but mom got that covered. Although, i am going to head upstairs to put 3 baskets of laundry AWAY, so i can stop living out of them.
This cleaning thing is not going to well.

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Faith said...

*grin* Well, you can right click on that graphic and save it and then upload it to your blog, write your seven weird things and pic seven people to tag, or you can just do seven weird things and not worry about the technicalities...LOL. I'm all about just doing it without the technical stuff. LOL!