Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Off the list..........

Ok so this is what happened. Yesterday i came home from work fully intending to clean my downstairs bath. Well my mom said she already did it!! yea!!! When i went in it WAS clean but the back of the toilet needed some help. But hey, I didnt have to do it.
Soooo last night baby girl was up at 4am to go potty, *sigh* then she got up at 4:45am to tell me her blankets fell off, so needless to say i was TIREd this am.
And i come home and look on the list and see "upstairs bath" uggggggg, have i told you how much i HATE cleaning the bathroom. so, i didn't and chose to take a very short nap upstairs until the girl came to find me.
It wasn't bad anyway........

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Faith said... are the lucky(or not) recipient of a tag. *GRIN* If you want to play, you can check out my post here ( for the rules and my list. *smiles* hope you don't wish you stayed off my radar!!!