Tuesday, November 11, 2008

When it rains it Pours

Yesterday i went to work as usual, and the phone rang at 8:15ish. Its dad "i cant wake mom up" WHAT??? "She is just moaning and wont wake up" UGHHHHH "Call 911, i'm leaving work now" So I left in a frenzy. Dad called and said the ambulance had just left and he was taking N to school and going to the hospital, so i went straight there. I beat the ambulance by about 2min. They brought her in and OMG it didnt look like her. She was pale/yellow and moaning. She couldn't even respond to what i was asking. They did her vital signs which were fine, then they brought her into the ER for evaluation.
Well after some blood work they found that her blood sugar was 47. WOW that was low. The whole time we were there, she wasnt really answereing us. She looked like she had a stroke, in fact the ambulance driver agreed that it was classic stroke symptoms.
Sooooo, they gave her some Dextrose through her IV and she miraculously woke up. Literally, just woke up, sat up in the bed and said "owww that hurts, are you almost done?? Me and dad just looked at eachother and said, "Did you just see that??"
While she was in her "not very resposnsive" state they did a CAT scan. So as we were overjoyed that she "woke" up the DR came over to tell us that they found a "spot" on her brain and they dont know if it is a bleed in her brain or a mass from her cancer possibly spreading. Hmmmmm...Also her labwork came back with high cardiac enzymes. All this means she had a "mild" hard attack and a "mini" stroke. Isn't that like being "a little" pregnant. It either is or isn't.
So she went for a MRI. Me and dad where down on the 1st floor waiting for her to come back from this MRI to go upstairs. 2hrs later we found out they were done and left us. Waiting.
We finally went up to the CCU unit to wait some more while they got her situated.
We finally got to go in and she was still awake (thank GOD) and pissed off that she couldn't eat. They were still treating her like a stroke patient so she couldnt eat yet until they find out that she can swallow.
When I left, we still didnt have the MRI results, and they took more labs, but she was comfortable. I spoke to the DR who told me that he will call me in the am and wanted my number b/c dad didnt really understand what he was talking about. Duh, they all speak giberish.
So this AM the Neurologist called and said that they need another MRI with contrast this time, b/c they still couldnt tell if was a bleed or cancer. But he is 98% positive that it is cancer that Mets,(spread) to the brain. When he knows for sure, he will talk to the Oncologist.
NOW...I just spoke to the Nurse there and she said that the MRI won't be done until the morning b/c they are backed up.
SIGH.... I guess they arent too worried about it, but this waiting is getting to me, to everyone i am sure.
So the bottom line is this: She has had a Mild heartattack, Stroke symptoms possibly brought on my her Hypoglycemic episode and possible brain cancer, which he cant confirm. He wont treat her heart until they decide whats on her brain, but they are treating her brain with 2 meds. one for seizures (or keeping them away) and one for possible brains swelling (or to keep THAT away). *sigh* its all about the waiting. I'm not going there until 8 tonight so she will be tired i am sure, but at least i will get to see her.
Keep praying friends, for hope and speed, and mostly strength. Thanks all

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praying for you guys