Thursday, November 13, 2008

It has spread...

Well last night mom FINALLY got her 2nd MRI w/contrast.
I went to the hospital with dad and of course a stream of DR's had already came and went.
One of them told my mom "you have cancer that spread to 2 areas in your brain." No other info.
Well thats just wonderful, JERK! So I had the nurse page the Oncologost, Neurologist, and the Primary. The Oncologist wasnt the one who told her that, and the Nerologist never called back. I did speak to her primary and she said that she got a hold of the Radiation DR that would come in and see her.
Well, he did, and he was american and had an american name.!!

Anywho, bottom line is this: She does have Cancer in her brain. 3 spots actually. She starts radiation on Monday, 14 treatments in all. Out patient. So she will come home soon I hope.
I followed the DR out of the room and said "ok, no bullshitting, what is her prognosis"
He said the radiation will shrink them but if you go by text book it can be 6months to 1yr. YIKES! But each case is different so i'm not taking it as a death sentence and my mom doesn't know.
I plan on taking one day at a time. Right now they are working on moving her to a regular room. Once that hurdle is over (believe me that is a hurdle in that hospital) We will work on getting her home.
One day
One minute
One second if I have toooo........

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