Saturday, November 29, 2008


Then Next Americas Next Top model
He would not stop hysterically laughing!

My fav niece

Finally a decent picture

Well, another Thanksgiving came and went. It was a loooong day here. I was up early baking, and the kids were on eachothers nerves most of the morning until i threw them out of the house in their pj's

My Dad took them to the park so I could run up to Walmart for a few things, (yes on Thanksgiving) and it was oddly packed.

When i got home, i bathed and dressed the kids b/c their father was coming to get them around 1pm of course he was late. I could not WAIT for him to come.
I opened my first bottle of wine as they were backing out of the driveway

The fam come over and we were noshing on the snacks I bought from Walmart, all was well.

The b-friend came over and his mom and bro and son followed soon after. She bought a ham that we heated. We set up a table in the dining room like a buffet and the tables were in the living room to sit. It was very nice idea.

Well in the morning i made 2 pies, a pecan and a pumpkin caramel pie. Well i whipped the cream for the top of my pumpkin pie forever and it never peaked, then i added the caramel and it really never peaked. sigh..... so i just poured it over the top. Not the same effect i assure you,

Then the pecan pie was hard. Everytime i make it i have a terrible time getting it out of the pie shell so now it looked like cow dung on a plate. but it tasted sooo good!

I guess i'm not quiet the baker i wanted to be.

When my sister went to leave out the back door she found my sis in laws mom on the ground, she apparently fell off my back steps and was laying there until someone opened the door. She was ok but is now sore. Sigh...... it never ends in my family

My cousin suzy came over, whom I love love love. I need to spend more time with her.

The place looked like a bomb hit it but i did what i could before i went to bed. Then the folks finished on Friday when i was working.
It was very nice, and the folks loved the b-friends mom, and bro.

I am glad its over though....
Till the next Holiday...Moving On............

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