Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Holiday Parade

She is too silly
Man of the Hour finally

N and cousin Michelle

Having some fun

Me and S

So i have always thought that Christmas should be in July becase I HATE the cold. I guess I can't control when Christ was born , but hey still, think how much nicer it would be.

Which brings me back to the Holiday Parade we went to in my town on Saturday night. It started at 6pm, so i just figured it would end by 7pm.

Boy was i WRONG it dragged on and on, and onnnnn. How many old cars and fire engines can i see. Every half an hour or so someone would say "oh, i see Santa coming" So i text my B-friend very excited that it was almost over and it dragged on for another hour. It was 2hrs total, in the freezing, fridgid weather, ugghhhhhh.

The kids had fun i think, but it was a little hard keeping them occupied. Finally Santa came a the very end.

Well if you ever blew up a balloon and then watched it fizzzzz all the air out when you let it go..thats how it was. Very blahh, no sirens, no candy being thrown, just him Waving. I guess the anticipation out weighed the actual outcome.

So at least they were tired when we got home :)

Then on Sunday it rained: (note to Ms Mother Nature, I thought we spoke about not raining on the weekends i had the kids, sigh....)

So i took the rugrats to Friendly's for lunch, where they all know us. Kinda like the Cheers Bar of Patchogue. When i had this Brilliant idea: lets go to the movies!!

I mentioned it to the kids and it went over like a fart in church for the boy "I don't wanna gooooooo" but the girls reaction was priceless.

She stood up on the booth and said and i quote "OH, MY GOODNESS (hands over her mouth) WE ARE GOING TO SEE MADAME GASCAR!!!!" Everyone in the place turned around to see her, and laugh of course. So i say "S please sit down" She says "BUT MOM, WE ARE GOING TO SEE MADAME GASCAR!!!!" I said S SIT , and it is Madagascar movie" So the excitemet continued until we got to the movies.

The girl was in a trance the intire time, on the edge of her seat, the boy leaned on me , a little bored i think, the whole time.

It was a good way to blow a Rainy Sunday.


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Anonymous said...

Stacy, Frank and I were hysterical over a fart in church and Madame Gascar. Gas car, get it? This is funny stuff. Keep it up. We thought about you a lot this Thanksgiving. Love you, Aunt Pris