Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Mom had an Oncology Appt today. The Dr was upset that it spread to her brain, and ordered a PET Scan on the 19th to see if it spread elsewhere. Good. She also changed her B/P meds because of it being so low.
Although, yesterday Dad and her went to Michaels and ran a few errands and when she got home her b/p was 116/87. Wahoo! So she needs some exercise, and more food.
And in the Living Situation News:: They found a place!!! they are moving out Dec 27th...Ahhhh. Cross your fingers, and x-mas is coming and they need everything houshold, and some furniture. I am giving them the recliner chair that my mom adopted and they have a couch. I am also giving them the beds upstairs and the dresser, so they have a bedroom set. I bought them a Pot and Pans set and i have a plate set as well, so they need lamps , TV stand and basics.
The landlord and my folks got along very well and they were going to call eachother on Saturday but she called my dad today and left a message that they would be happy to have them move in. Yea!!! He seems happy about it too.
Best news I had all day, especially b/c i got into an argument with him last night before he went to see the apt, about the kids.
So we shall see what the next few weeks bring.......:)

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Hey Cuz, I finally read your flog, oops,blog. Very interesting. And true...LOL. You can still crack me up as I was almost on the floor w/ your sensational humor that YOU still have and I NEVER HAD. Things are ok here, think of you often. Hang in there and I just gotta say I LOVE YOU HONEY....I'm only a call away... Love Ya lots Your Fav Cuz Suzi