Sunday, January 04, 2009


Well, coming home yesterday was very wierd. The quiet hit me like a ton of bricks.
Oh, did i mention the folks moved out yesterday?? :)
Don't get me wrong, there was ALOT of good reasons for them to be here.
And everything happens for a reason, If they would have gotten that first apartment that they lost, they would have been home last Sunday. That means mom would have been in Brookhaven Hospital, which means she probably would still be there.

But instead, they still lived with me, she was visiting my sis at the time and they went to Mather Hospital instead, and they did a fabulous job!! See how that works.
Anywho, they moved all day yesterday and after work i went there to help them.
I really felt like they were my kids and they were going off to college and i was helping htem with their first apartment.
I went food shopping and bought icecream for the "empty nest syndrom" i will be feeling.
I didnt.
I just enjoyed the quiet.....AHHHHH
I do miss them though, I spoke to my dad 3 times today and my life will become a little harder with them 5 min away and not in the house. But i will get used to it again.
Moving On.......

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