Monday, February 16, 2009

Moving on once again.......

Well V-day was ok. Had dinner with the b-friend and recieved a beautiful watch. Went to the mall on Sunday and then we broke up
Yes, we broke up.
For good.
It was inevitable and pretty mutual. He felt like I checked out of the relationship a long time ago. I don't think i "checked out" but my priorities shifted.
He felt I had no time for him when he was here, and i barely got him here more than 2days a week. Maybe.
I only had 4 days for him to come here, being he worked at a club every weekend. Those days I had to share with his son.
It was fine to share, he had a son, and i had kids, but he didn't get it that life happens.
Or should I say Death.
Anywho, I will MOVE ON like i always do.....

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