Thursday, February 12, 2009

Moving ON.

Moving on has always been the name of my blog. It originally started as a online journal after my husband left. It was theraputic really.
NOW, It has a different meaning. Moving On without my mom is a whole different thing.
We finally moved everything out of their apartment. We went through ALL the boxes because they had to be seperated. Wow that woman had some stuff. She was a hourder, and now I know where my sister gets it and me just a little.... It was hard. I mean REALLY hard.
I would have spent the whole time just looking through the old pictures.
But i dont have to because any minute she is going to walk through the door right? RIGHT???
Dad is doing ok. Hanging in. Joking around now a little.
Everyone said to me they are worried about Dad and how he will be. I'm not. I know he will be fine. I am living with him now, and i have lived with him before. He is a very strong man.
I miss her so much.
Oh, and today is my mother in laws 5yr anniversary of her death. (She died of the same thing actually). Yikes saddness all around...
Moving On .......*Sigh*............

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