Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My dating....(my ex that is....)

I dont date. Ever. I never have, i am more of a relationship kind of girl. My first "real" boyfriend was older than me and he asked me out and it lasted 3 yrs.

Then my first husband, i met at work when first b-friend was going sour. He asked me out the day after me and the other one broke up. That lasted 9yrs and a marraige.

I started dating my now ex AKA:2nd husband, right after i left the 1st husband.
Hmmmm This is making me sound pretty bad huh??
Well i am just making a point..that i really don't date around to find "The One" they kinda come to me.

Sooooo i am "dating" the ex again.
After me and the b-friend S broke up, i said that i will date other people. But frankly i find it rather tedious.
Looking around, sometimes on-line. Trying to meet someone and get to know them and explain your life, baggage and all. Then dressing up, shaving your legs (you know.....just in case), and putting your best face forward. Ugggghhhh, way too much work.
So, this situation fits me well. He has seen me at my best and worst, he already knows my kids and has felt my hairy legs on more than one occasion.

But definetly NO reason to date him again right?? i knew you would say that.
Here are some reasons why i should:
He is very ,very remorseful for the mistakes he made.
He is harder on himself that i could ever be on him.
He is very funny, always has been.
He is thoughtful (after seeing all i had to do after work yesterday, he insisted i not cook and went out and got pizza)
He is sincere with his feelings
He doesn't lie. Never has despite how much it hurts.
He has a cute laugh. Its a chuckle really.
We have the same interests. TV, Books, Music, Games
He LOVES his kids unconditionally.
He makes good money. (see thats pretty far at the bottom)
I truly believe him when he says that i am the ONLY woman he has ever loved.
And still does.
I love him too.

Do you think that is enough to give him another chance???


Anonymous said...

Absolutely!! He's the perfect guy for you and you're the perfect girl for him AND YOU HAVE CHILDREN TOGETHER WHO NEED A MOM AND A DAD. Love you, Aunt Pris

Anonymous said...

You are to remember that while it is not a bad thing to try to keep your family together and yes like aunt pris says they need a mom and dad, but there were alot of reasons why the two of you seperated. Those things can't just disappear and be okay now. You have to be 100% that he is completely changed, cause you have changed you are not the same person anymore. What I am saying we don't want the kids to suffer, in the end you and him are adults but the kids are innocent bystanders. Please, please take it slow for the kids. While it is nice for them to have their dad around more and maybe move back in one day you just don't want to rush this relationship at the expense of the kids. start with making a list of all the reason you guys seperated, together and then remember these things need to be talked about and resolved before you can truely be back together. I hope that for you and the kids whatever is meant to be works out of you all you deserve to be truly happy. Just be VERY careful for the kids sake. lv u

Anonymous said...

okay - here is my 2cents - I have been very disconnected from you but here is some general advice - I agree with the above comment make a list of the reasons why you are not together anymore and address those issues - then put him to the test - its easy for people to be different for a short time -but it takes day after day to see the true side and heart of a person. Men/women alike are good at being whom they think someone wants them to be - but when you get tired of being what you think someone wants you to be you get angry and resentful - you have to be who you are and be happy with yourself - You have to be very happy and content with just being you before you can truly truly include someone else in your life - so I think him and you have to examine your hearts and take it slow - if you are okay the kids will be okay but putting them through another round of whatever will not be good unless you are sure and very dedicated to making it work and not giving up midstream it has to be a forever promise/commitment. Love yourself love your kids and trust God! Love ya bunches from TX!!