Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rambling Update......

Picture Day awwwww
Daddy and baby girl @ Applebees
Nail Salon

Baby girl B-day

Easter egg painting

So Easter came and went. sucked cuz mom wasnt here, but i have to realize that this is going to be the year of 1st. It will definately be bitter sweet due to the fact that it is the first without mom but the first with my new beau.(AKA: ex husband..AKA Baby daddy AKA Love of my life....I could go on but why bore you.)
So we painted Easter eggs on Saturday and they had an Easter egg hunt with my sis in law and them. They had fun i think. I was working but B took pixs. I made one big basket like mom used to do, with all their favorite candy.

S b-day was on Wed. I dressed her up and she went to daycare. I took her to get her nails done after work and she LOVED it! She always does. We got home and went to APPLEBEES, (the place she chose) My sis and nice joined us. We had a good time, and when they sang to her with her dessert, it was priceless!! (Of course no pixs cuz i was too into watching her face) Too much fun.
Dad and Lou didnt go because they started a new Support group. Dad told me some about it. He said it was more depressing hearing about everyone else. I think he will go again though. I really think he needs it. They both do.

N had picture day on Thursday and B came to dress him. He looked so HANDSOME! and grown up. He starts T-Ball next weekend. He can't wait, and neither can I. I think he needs to be on a team and learn teamwork and how not to be I don't know what to call it. Wimpy, Sensitive, babyish. I really don't know. But its annoying as hell. He just needs to learn to have a "relationship" with someone other than us. He has some friends at school, but it is different with a team. I hope he likes it as much as i want him too..

I think that is about up to date.....

Keep ya posted

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~Denise AKA NYNative said...

awww I love that B came to dress N for picture day!!! and he looks great!!! (I have the same bug spray. ;) )

Boy, is S ever the PRINCESS!!!! WHHOOOOWEEEEEEEE! I just don't see my girl being that way tho! ;)