Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Kids with Coach Ron
N yelling "Go team"

At the parade....

On Saturday we had Opening day, which included a parade and a ton of kids. N was so excited!! Almost as excited as me!!
So as you can see his color is Orange and his # is 14 which is good to know because they all look alike in their shirts and hats.
The Parade spawned across about 6-7 blocks to the ball field. Then they had a little ceremony, that was quite boring. We had to walk back to the car afterwards, which was real fun hearing "Myyyy feeet huuurrrttttt moooommmmmyyyyy" The whole way back.
We went to the store afterwards to get him Cleats and black baseball pants. Ugghghg he looks so freaking cute i want to eat him up!
Yesterday, we had his first practice. Well, i really wish i video taped it. It was hysterical.
Most kids are real awful at catching, mine included. But most are good at hitting and throwing. Mine included.
N needs to work on his catching too. He is so much better at home, but I guess when you have a 6 yr old throwning a ball at you 10 feet over your head i guess i would stink too.
He had so much fun though. Their first game is on Wed. I will definately take pictures of that.
That about sums up our T-ball experience for the moment.
Will keep you updated

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~Denise said...

They need a new coach. That one doesn't have any idea what baseball is about... he's wearing a METS shirt!! That just screams MORON!

N is cute though! :)