Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 2 and still going strong....

So this is my 2nd day of vaca.
Today I didnt do too much. Got up and brought the girl to school then came home and brought the boy to camp. Went to breakfast with the hubby. ( still feels wierd saying that. like it but wierd)
We went to Loews to get a plant holder. The plant i got from my moms funeral, is still alive. It has outgrown the planter it was in. Frankly, i can't believe that it is still alive. So we got a big white plant holder and some soil. I left it outside in the back while i relaxed and drank coffee.
He called me a little while later and had me go out to the back, and i saw he replanted for me.
So sweet... Looks really good too, for a guy.
We also had the guy over that cleaned our back yard, to paint the front porch.
That didnt require me to move, thank goodness, but he WAS here. The sander was annoying though, loud..interupted my quiet time. Sigh....can't have it all right??
Tomorrow should be fun. we are going to Foxwoods to gamble and eat etc.... and just have some fun time together. Other than worrying about the kids, it should be a good time.
Well, thats all for now.....

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