Sunday, July 12, 2009


YUp, i start vaca this week. Well, i guess technically it started on Saturday. But the kids were home with me, so... really not a vaca.
I am looking forward to being off from work where noone dies and noone goes to the ER sick. Ok?? I just wanna be home with the days to myself and nothing to do but breath. (and probably laundry)
I am going to try and blog each night about my fabulous, fun-filled, delicious day on vaca.

Today, we decided to go to my sisters pool. B was on the fence most of the morning. He had stuff to do ie: mow the lawn, get paint for the guy that is coming to paint the porch tomorrow.
But he chose to come to the pool for a family day. I am glad he did. The kids had a blast, like always.
S has taught herself to swim in 2 days. She started in our little blowup pool and now does it in my sis pool at her complex. She is fearless. Scary.
We then had a bbq, and my sis came over. She is a little down cuz her vaca is ending today. MInes just begining WAHOO!!
Anywho. I have had to start this a few times, cuz i had a cocktail for the start of vaca, and i am a little tipsy at the moment.
I should just leave what i actually type. Its quite comical, i must say.
OK enough about me rubbing it in, and enjoy your week all.

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