Friday, July 24, 2009

Untitled....cuz i can't think of one.

My day at work was ok yesterday until about 3pm. One of the aides came running over and grabbed the charge nurse, b/c one of her residents stopped breathing. So we all ran in there to call a "code" on her. she is a vented resident, but very sweet and alert.
when we walked in you could see that she was already gone, but we had to try with her. I started CPR after we got her in the bed. I cant believe how much harder it is to do it on a real person than an ANNIE doll. My wrist and arms were hurting last night from it.
Unfortunately, she didnt make it, we couldnt revive her.
I really felt bad for her Aide too, she was very upset. We all get so close and attatched to our residents which makes this job really sucky at times.
I also have a resident that will probably not make it out the weekend. He is dying from Cancer and it just moved to his liver. He is at the stage where he isnt eating, and sleeping all the time. I just get flashbacks of mom and it breaks my heart. Also he and his wife share the same room. So she just sits and watches him. I just hope i'm not working when he goes.
Ugggg sometimes i wish i worked as an ice cream man/woman. where my job is to make people happy with my bells and wonderful ice cream...:)

I just have one more thing.
Why in the hell is the Salsa so far away from the chips in BJ Wholesale club? I mean really. what else do you use it for but chips?? It should be there right next to them, not in the baking isle where i actually found it. I spent 15min walking around lookng for it, for the love.
Stupid i say.
Ok i'm done...

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