Saturday, July 25, 2009

Wow, the end of a bad week....

So the day started as usual. I went in to see my very terminal pt and he was...well very terminal. I knew he wasnt't going to make it out my shift, much less the day.
His wife was staring at him, looking like she was just counting his breaths, which were minimal.
I spent 35min on the phone with one of his sons this AM, and the guilt this poor guy has is phenominal. But , i let him talk it out. I knew where he was coming from.
At about 1:00 the Aide came and told me that he looked like he wasn't breathing. Sure enough he wasn't, I pulled the curtain and went and got the Charge Nurse to let her know.
Don't you know, low and behold, his family walks in. Geeze....
It was a very sad scene to say the least and i felt it all over again.
So i went over and hugged his wife, and started to cry.
I contained myself, till i got to the nurses station, then i went into the back room and cried.
I felt so bad for his sons, they just missed him, but he wouldnt have known they was there anyway.
It just bought back a bunch of memories, and it wrecked my day.
But i came home and loved up my new hubby and smooched my kids, and had a bbq and a friend stopped by, and a few Mikes Hard Liquors later. I felt better. :)
Still sad, but better. Part of the job i guess. That Ice Cream truck is looking better and better....

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