Saturday, August 01, 2009

Just some Randomness...

I know i havent been blogging much, but it IS the summer. And frankly my life is kinda boring at the moment. (Well, not really, but there is a personal something going on, that i cant discuss right now. Not directly related to the O's)
I could always blog EVERYDAY about my summer days, but i would hate to be the cause of you dying of boredom.
Right now, it is Saturday and i am just hanging out waiting for my g-friend to get here. We are heading to a local town to a street fair. I love those and i havent been in a while. The kids will probably be bored to tears, but i hope to bribe them with the beach tomorrow.
The honey is playing golf in the mens club today. Good for him, he deserves it too.

Work has been pretty good lately. No more death. We got our 3. They usually go in 3's.
My charge nurse Julie just found out that her mom has Ovarian cancer. Ugggg. she lives in fla and is doing it all there.
UH, i FEEL her pain. i cried with her in the back room when she told me. My heart breaks for her.
Why is it ,all tradgedys happen at once. Our particular unit has them left and right. I guess b/c there are so many of us that something is always happening to one of us.

Anywho. My life is pretty wonderful right now. The summer is here and the kids are enjoying it i think. N LOVES camp and S LOVES her dance class. She is so hysterical in it too. She follows everything the instructor does, and is so professional about it. I have to post a pix of her in her dance clothes. too cute. I think we will sign her up for Sept for ballet and tap combo. She actually is more graceful than i give her credit for.

Being married is wonderful as well, we were talking about it the other day and it just seems that it is easier this time around. Not sure why, we still have the same amt of responsibility but it just feels like it is easier now. Not complaining, mind you.
Maybe because we are more in love now, have a different kind of respect for eachother, and appreciation. We have had a few little arguments, which i would expect, but we handle them differently now. Either way, i am just so happy to be married to him again and have our family back, that i will never let it go again..
So i hope everyone is having a great summer too, and that everyone is safe.
I can't believe it is August already and school is in a month. N is so excited to start the 1st grade, i feel like S should starting kindergarten, but i have another year!! uggggg.

Oh, if anyone goes to the supermarket, check out the double stuff Oreos. They are SUCH a rip-off. They look like the regular stuff Oreos. I remember when i was young, they really were DOUBLE STUFF. I am SO writing them a letter.
Ok 'bout summs it up...

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