Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Fall is here..My absolutely favorite season. Everything is new and crisp, and changing colors. Coming from daycare the other day, i pointed out some trees that already had the red leaves peeking through. The kids were thrilled. "WOW mommy look at that!!! their RED!!" I know.
Sara says "ohhhh they are beaaaauuuuuuttttiiiifffuuullllll!!!!"
My kids appreciate nature and i love it. They point out things that i dont even see. Last year they had a ball bringing me in different leaves everyday. Eventually i had to get a shoe box to store them, becasue God forbid I put them back outside. I thought it was adorable and sweet.
The summer, Sara usually brings me in flowers or rocks, and the spring as well. The winter, i get nothing. Although when it snows, she thinks she is bringing me in some. Uh NO.
I love dressing them up in their little sweaters and boots, looking cute with themselves.
(Although there is something to be said about Sara in sundresses Yummmy too cute)
It is getting cold in here in the mornings as well, then i go around shutting the windows, then when i get home from work i go around opening them again cuz it got warm again. Its ok. I still love it.

The fall is my birthday as well. I'll be 37. Ugggg too close to 40 and not close enough to 30. My 30's was pretty good. 2 kids 1 marraige 1 divorce 1marraige again. Lets stop that pattern huh...
This Saturday me and dad are celebrating together, he is Oct3 mine is 7th. Another party to try and celebrate through without my mom.
And i cant possibly put it in the back in my mind, being Oct is breast Cancer awareness month. And EVERYTHING is pink, and everyone is hawking their products to raise money. There is so much crap to raise money, by now you would think there should be a cure. Although there is NO MONEY in a cure so why cure it?? My father still has bills from the hospitals, where the insurance company didnt cover certain things. Its sad, and pathetic and it makes me sick thinking about it.

So i will go on enjoying my fall weather, and my life.....The kids eating dessert, the hubby making lunch, and me washing dishes. all in the same room as a little family. That is what i will focus on..
Moving On....

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