Monday, October 05, 2009

My Family

You would think that explaining your family would be the easiest thing you can do. You have known them your whole life, inside and out. Been in the family for all the ups and downs.
Well, for me its not the case at all. Just when i think i know my family, I don't.
They can be the most rudest, disrespectful, ignorant group of people i have every met. Then they could be the best family i could ask for.
Yesterday, the rude and disrespectfulness reared its ugly head. Which has happened alot, funny enough, since me and B have been back together.
I'm not sure if its anger, or resentfulness, of jealousy (it IS on my sisters part i know), but they are ruder and meaner to him since then.
My husband can be arrogant in his own right, I know this. But, when he is being arrogant, he is usually being right at the same time. He just asks for the same amount of respect he would give, and my family DOES NOT do that. They do, however, know how to ask for things that would benefit them. Alot.
B owns that house next door w/his sister. Something needed to be fixed that could wait until OUR fix it guy can come do it. My brother was supposedly fine with it. Well, yesterday things changed and he decided he wasnt fine with it and couldnt wait. (that was my fathers doing i'm sure).
Instead of telling B they were geting someone else to fix it, they just went ahead and asked over someone to do it.
Now, i mentioned before, that B owns that house. But everytime he mentions that, my family says that he is "throwning that up to them". Well its a fact. Period. They dont like it, but they would NEVER treat any other landlord like that. They would give them the courtesty of a phone call to tell them that they are bringing someone in to fix something in HIS house. Plus, the guy they brought over screwed up something WE had him do for us before, so it wouldnt be our ideal person.
But again, my family don't understand respect or courtsey of any kind.
When B went outside to ask my father to tell him next time when they were going to bring someone in the house, he flipped. Yelling at B. Now WE all know my dad is a yeller, always has been. But again EVERYONE thinks thats just OK because its dad.
Well, its not ok. My sister also seems to think that my dad could murder someone and it would be ok, because my mom died so dad can do no wrong. Or better yet, can be excused for his behavior because mom died. I got news for her. It can't be excused, and i'm tired of everyone using my moms death for an excuse for their idiotic, stupid behavior and choices!
Now, i havent talked to my dad, but i got this info from my sister. Which is like getting it from noone b/c she has no clue. About anything. All she knows it that dad didnt like what B was saying to him, so he yelled at him, and said that they dont need to talk anymore.
But again, anything dad says in her eyes is ok. So I'm the selfish bitch and B is an arrogant jerk and that is that.
Frankly, i am fine with not speaking to her. She is the most immature, ignorant, lonely, sad, mean, passive aggressive person i have ever met. As long as people are doing for her, she is fine. But as soon as someone disagrees with her, she freaks out and yells at them and says what she wants. Then when she realizes that she has gone too far yet again, its apology time, and i forgive her. Well, this time, the stuff she wrote me is unforgiveable. Then she goes and posts stuff on Facebook about me like the immature 15 yr old she is.
Her daughter has more maturity and brains than she does, at 17 then she does at 40.
Frankly the only person i would want my kids to see is my niece in this case, my sister can stay home.
As far as my brother and father is concerned, we will see where that goes. I told B that it is my brothers fault that he called the guy and never told B. So he needs to talk to him.
At this point B doesn't want to talk to any member of my family, and i cant blame him.
If he was complety wrong i would let him know. Believe me. But my dads exact words were "I knew you would have something to say about it" Which shows he knew he was wrong and should have called B first and give him a heads up. It wasnt fair and he knew it.
The fact that he wasnt happy with B coming outside and telling him that, doesnt give him the right to yell and scream at him.
The fact remains, like it or not, B has gotten EVERYONE in my family out of some kind of jam or problem, and noone has a problem taking advantage of that. Whether it is giving them money, and i say giving, because noone seems to know what "paying back" means. Or giving them furniture they need, or a place to live. Cheap. or any of the million other things that he has done. Then i am told that he throws it up in their faces of the things that he has done. Well, he does it to me at times to, because at the time, he is being taking advantage of and disrespected.
All my family knows how to do it put their hands out and ask for things.
So they babysit, occasionally, and take my son to school. OK. Great. Thanks for that. But it certainly doesn't fix that fact that they dont like him and it shows, alot. Until something is wanted or needed.
He is here to stay and so is this marriage. Too bad noone else is...
Moving ON...

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Anonymous said...

Its a good thing you can BLOG it all out. Love and hugs to you both. Aunt Pris