Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Its my party...and i'll cry if I want too!!!

So its my birthday. The first one since mom died.
The first one since i remarried my love.
Today sucks for so many reasons.
My sister has now upgraded me from selfish Bitch to just "drop dead". I blocked her as a friend on Facebook because i HAD to. Doesn't stop her from leaving me 2 very nasty e-mails. Which I didnot respond to. (proud of me, cuz Lord know i wanted to). It wouldnt have solved anything. I have saved them and the texts she sent. If she continues I will lodge a complaint with optimum about harrassement. She blames me for so much of her jealous screwed up life, its sad and pathetic, and if my dad has a heart attack because of stress, she blames me too. I'm sure regardless of when it happens. It can be 5 yrs from now, but it will STILL be my fault. Her problems run very very deep and always has. She needs to go back to her therapist, becasue she has alot of anger issues , guilt issues, depression and anxiety. Which i am sure I wil be blamed for as well. (never mind she has had those her whole life)
My niece left something on Facebook and was texting me for a while yesterday. She knows her mom started this crap, but she is still mad and hurt. I told her my side of it, and told her she is 17 and can make her own decisions. I wouldn't want to EVER have my sister as HER mother, so she is in a tight spot. I feel for her on so many levels. I told her that i am rooting for her to get the life she wants, b/c this family is so disfunctional she need to get a life of her own. My sister tells her so many things that i know she has no idea what she wants to do. I love her, and feel for her.
My brother and B are suppose to have a talk later today. Not sure how thats going to play out but it has to be done. Someone has got to Man up and speak to B about this instead of just painting him as an evil person.
Whatever happens, the relationship with my sister is wrecked and too far gone to be fixed..
Moving On

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