Friday, February 05, 2010

One week down...grrr

So as mostly all know I started a new job.
I started Orientation this week. Well to say that is is way too much information, is an understatement.
I remember orientation from other jobs and it was a week. Tops. I know this is a hospital and a WHOLE different way of life, but COME ON.
We all meet in a classroom , not in the hospital but across the street in a medical building. I guess thats what it is. It has offices and Suites. Its nice, and not a hospital.
We start off with lecture, and paperwork. ALOT of paper work. I think i now know where all the trees are going across america. To a little town called Patchogue, folks.
We also went into a trailer to work on the computers for a half a day. That was good, cuz it broke up the day.

Oh, on Monday we had "Hospital Orientation". That was in a trailer, and we met people in the hospital that we will probably never see again. CEO's and Heads of This, and Heads of That. Yadda Yadda. Dont care dude, just sign my check K? Monday dragged on like Chinese water torture....Good thing was, they fed us breakfast and a snack.
K I'll take it
. SURE i understand your policy's.
OFCOURSE I have 40million dollars you can have to start reconstruction and open another wing.
Just give me a cookie and all is good and no one gets hurt
So back to the story. I learned about, policy's, on everything from admitting, to chest tubes, wound care to diabetes, to Hospice, to PT and dietary, vents, and a phone to translate for people who cant speak english , and a TV that does sign language. I can save you, if I can find the Crash cart, cuz I know whats in it, and I can put out a fire, with the RACE procedure. Or at the very least be safe from it. I know to call DR Heavy when there is an "incident" that is out of hand, and a CODE 64 for a heart attack, or a "Rapid Response" if its not a heart attack but maybe something else. (Still not too clear on what to call when).
I could go on, but my brain hurts still.
Oh, and my new babysitter got sick on Monday and B had to stay home with the girl, and dad stayed a day too.
Worse nightmare for me is babysitter trouble. Never had that problem before. She ok today so alls good.
Next week starts week 2 or orientation.
Let the maddness begin.

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