Saturday, February 27, 2010


Wow, its been a while since I posted, I guess its cause I really haven't had much to say.
I started training on the floor of my new job the 3rd week in Feb.
The woman I started training with is named Diane. She is an older woman who was surprised that she was training me. I was surprised as well, when I saw her, She looks So much like my mom that it bought tears to my eyes. She has the same soft brown eyes behind metal framed glasses, she has the same chin and the same shaped mouth with dentures. Her hands were the most shocking. My mom always had a lot of veins on top of her hand and she started get brown spots as well. When I saw Diane at the computer, she had her hand on the mouse and i actually had to blink. Same hands, same shaped nails. I took a picture of her hand with my cell and texted it to my sister, because that is how freaked out I was.
She had some, but not a lot of my moms mannerisms, thank God. If she acted like her too, I don't know if I could have handled it.
I texted the hubby and he wrote back that mom must be watching over me on my first day of a new job. I felt a little better after that.
I miss her so much, even after a year, I feel like it was yesterday.

So besides that, I really like my new job. I definately like saying 'goodbye' to my patients while they go home and not "goodbye" to go HOME, ya know.
I am learning a lot from a new girl that is training my named Shiela, She is young like me, and really knows her stuff.
I know I don't know nearly as much as I am suppose to know, but I will train until March13, and will learn things as things arise.
I have my own routine now, and know how to multi-task and interact with my patients, anything else is learn as you go. All the staff i have worked with have been great, really nice and helpful. It is always good to like who you work with.

As far as home goes, B is doing well, with dealing with the kids for the 12 hrs at a time. Its not so bad when he works and there is school, but I think the weekend will dragggg. He will handle it though, he is more than capable, and it is the best for this family. I finished a 3 day stretch, which was brutal. But now I'm off for 5 days, which MORE than makes up for it :)

Everything has pretty much calmed down here. Lou is definately divorcing from the poison that was his wife, and I couldn't be happier. I could go on and on about how she is the worst thing that ever happened to him, Yadda Yadda. But it isn't worth it, being that is finally over. My brother is fine, more than fine actually, and I wish I could say I wish the best for her. But I don't. I couldn't care less what happens to her.
Anywho...Dad is doing good, as is Luann. Moms 1 yr anniversary past and we didn't go back to the cemetery , as we recently went for her birthday.
The family is slowly moving forward. I am very happy with my life. The job and my family, all come together where I am truly happy.
We are all Moving ON....

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