Tuesday, September 28, 2010


There has been a tragedy that has affected my life. Not in my immediate family, but close enough. I have a friend Kim, that I don't know too well, but well enough. We run in the same circles, our kids have had play dates and have been in the same class in school. She is a very nice person, helps everyone, is in the PTA, and has a very nice family. She has the kind of family, that if I left Nick over there for a play date, I know he is safe.
Less than a yr ago she lost her sister to cancer at 31yr old. She had a 1yr old baby.
On Saturday, they found her fiance dead . Of what? Not sure. He had pneumonia, but that probably wouldn't have done it. So who knows. Now Kim has a the baby for the moment. Hopefully forever.

All of this has made me so sad. Especially since I have really got to know Kim over the summer. She is such a nice person, and helps others. A bunch of us are planning a dinner week for her. My night is Friday. Worse day of the week, cuz all the good stuff is taken. I don't want to repeat a meal, so that is a challenge I have to think about.

I appreciate my family so much more, when I hear things like this.
I appreciate my husband, being the best father he can be. When I work at night, he takes the reins and holds on tight!! He does a great job, and it's exhausting. I know. I love him so much for that.
I Love and appreciate my son so much. He is only 7 but he tries to be the man of the house. (Or at least the dad). He is always trying to tell Sara what to do and to follow the rules. She hates it, but it is who he is. He is a rule follower and does not like when people break them. (Unless its him of course). He comes out with so much information that he loves to share. It usually has nothing to do with anything, except what is going on in his life at the moment. WII or a computer game, or a book he is reading. But he loves sharing it. He loves to show his love for everything. Whether it is his parents, with hugs and snuggles, or his games he's playing. He goes at it full force. I love him, and appreciate him so much for that.
My daughter...oh my daughter. Filled with so much life and spirit and love. I would never want to break her spirit. She is so passionate and dramatic about everything in her life. Whether it is good or bad, the hands are going, the eyes are sparkling, the voice is raising...She is a firecracker that goes off at anytime. I love her so much and her spark. There are times I wish she would just settle down and be a little more like her brother. I know if she did I would miss her spunk and It would make me sad. I appreciate all that she tries to do. Whether it is helping me sweep the floor, make choc chip pancakes, fix the shoe rack or clean her room. She does it to get the gratification of us telling her "good job mama" and her smile takes up her whole face. I couldn't live life without her. She shines.
Lastly, i appreciate my very handsome, smart, sweet, kind hearted husband. All he does for me and our family is amazing. He wants to make us happy and tries his hardest to do so. It works, we are a very happy family, mostly due to him. (I take a little credit). I appreciate all he does for us, whether its clean the pool, take us to dinner, or apple picking, or take his kids to buy a toy. He does it for us. I love and appreciate him so much , and at times it doesn't show, but its always there. I love you hubby.


~Denise said...

oh my! I'm soooo sorry to hear about your friend's situation.
and LOVE the rest of your post! :)
Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm crying. The only other person I know who feels the same way you do is Denise. You both have beautiful families and I am happy for you. I am so glad. Your friend will make a wonderful mother. God works in strange ways, his wonders to perform.
I love all of you, Aunt Pris

Anonymous said...

I love and appreciate you too honey! It is not me who makes this family happy, it is both of us. You do so much to make us happy also. Weather it is making a special dinner or comming up with fun things for us to do, like apple picking. We are very blessed and lucky and I am so thankful everyday!