Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day #4 Something I have to Forgive Someone else for.

So I read a few blogs and some of them know each other. I, know none of them. One of my favorite bloggers started "30 Days of Truth", where each day they blog about a topic.
So apparently I jumped on the boat a little late, at Day #4. Hopefully I will keep up because this means I will have to blog daily. DAILY.

This topic is actually a good one, I feel. I have so much anger and despise for my sister-in-law.
Not only for the pain she brought upon my brother, but to my family.
I would like to say that I am a forgiving person. I DID forgive my husband a long time ago. Even before we even thought about getting back together. I have forgiven my sister a few times as well. I am sure that I have done things to people that warrants ME being forgiven. (besides my husband, we all know he forgave me). I just don't know if I have it in me to forgive my sister in law.
I actually have likened her to Cancer. She is just a poison that keeps growing and spreading its ugliness around.
She is a liar, thief, manipulator, traitor, cheat, a fake and a phony. Not only has she lied to my brother & cheated on him, she has lied to me, my husband, and the worst is my kids.
She has fought with every member of my family and tries hard to drive a wedge between my brother and his family.
The worst part of all this? She is finally out of out lives, and my brother is talking about getting back together with her! So not only is love blind, it's stupid as well.
That is the forgiveness that I am supposed to be working on, and I will. (no promises)

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