Friday, October 15, 2010

Day #5 Something You Hope to do in your Life

I feel my life is full. Not just busy, which it is, but full. I have done everything in my life that I knew I wanted to do when I was 16 and sitting around with my friends trying to figure out what our life will be like. I received an education, in a field that I love. I got married (at 16 I didn't think it would be so many times, but whatev.) I have 2 beautiful, and healthy children. I am very happy with my life.
The only thing I think I would hope to do, is travel.
Its not like I sit around pining to leave this country. I don't. However, if I could take a vacation every year. That would make me happy.
The only thing that would stop me, is that fact that I hate traveling. Oh, I like going to other places, don't get me wrong. It's everything that goes along with it.
Starting with the packing, (and forgetting) everything you own, just in case you need it.
Leaving at the ass crack of dawn, because who wants to spend the ENTIRE day traveling, so you get the earliest flight possible.
Waiting! OH the WAITING!!
Shoving myself into an uncomfortable seat, and waiting for the stomach drop, ears popping lurch of the plane taking off, and praying to anything that is good and HOLY that we make it there alive!!
The end of the trip is the worst. Not only are you sad and depressed that your vaca ended, now you have 14 loads of laundry to do too.
I Need to invent a machine that can just get me there and back with a blink.
Oh, and we have NEVER traveled with kids. Which is to say they have NEVER been on any mode of transportation other than a car.
Hmmm maybe I don't hope to travel!!!

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