Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day# 13 An Artist that has gotten you through some tough days. Write a Letter

I love music. All types. Not as many types as my hubby, but I definitely think I have listened outside the box.
Growing up, all I remember is Country music, Roy Orbison, and Barry Mannilow.
I eventually started buying my own Barry Mannilow CDs. I related to a lot of his songs, and he wasn't a "dream boat", so his poster wasn't on my wall. Which I liked. It made me feel like a grown up liking a "real" singer.
As I got older, he remained my favorite singer, and my "go to" CD when i was struggling with what to listen to in the car. When I met the hubby, I found out he really liked him to. (ahem...soul mate..) In total we have seen him in concert 3 times together. So it only made sense that when we were going through some tough times I listened to Barry to make me feel better. So..I shall write him a letter. Barry.. not the hubby..

Dear Barry, ( I would call you Mr., but we have know each other for so long its, not necessary)

The first thing I would like to say to you is thanks. You have been such a pivotal part of my life. First, with my mom, and then with my husband. When we first started dating (the hubby, not you. Although I wouldn't mind it) he lived in a little converted garage dubbed the "love shack". We were both newly divorcing, and trying to find ourselves, when we found each other. We spent a wonderful weekend together, and I had to go home and decide the fate of my life. Just leaving my ex husband, and figuring out how to be alone again after many years. I was confused, and scared, and happy at the same time.
Driving home, I popped you into my CD player, and "Weekend In New England" came on and so did a light bulb over my head.
We just had a wonderful weekend. When will I see him again? Do I want my life without him? I already missed him, so I couldn't imagine NOT seeing him again.
The decision was made. Not necessarily BY you, but with your help.
We have had our ups and down, split up and gotten back together. In the time we were apart, I couldn't listen to you, simply because it hurt too much. But you remained in the visor of my car for the moment that I needed you.
Driving on a family trip last summer I popped you in and "Coppa" came on. My daughter went nuts and loves your music. She is 5yrs old and knows that "weekend" is mommy and daddy's song. I hope she grows up to love you as much as I do.
Thanks for the Memories.

A Forever Fan

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Anonymous said...

How nice, too bad Barry can't read that. I was in love with Elvis myself. Looking forward, Aunt P