Monday, January 31, 2011

I know I know

I know, I know its been a long time since I blogged. It's not that I dont have anything to say, cuz seriously, have you met me?? I guess life just got in the way.
So christmas came and went. It was fun, and exciting. I have never been off on Christmas day since I started in the nursing field.

It was just as I imagined it would be, the excitement of them running down the stairs, their little faces glowing and the screaming...It was fun..Then we made breakfast, and the hubby made a fabulous turkey dinner. He can cook ,(once a year)..
I also decided to take classes for my RN. They are online classes, with modules to read and tests to take. It is taking me much longer than I had hoped. Its alot of information to learn and I dont want to take the test and fail it. I am taking it slow so I learn it and I am confidant that I know the info before I take a test. I just feel like it is taking forever to get through A&P. I think I am putting too much pressure on myself, because I really dont have a time limit. I would like to do it in a year to a year in a half.. I am just scared of failure.

We are planning a vacation in March to Florida, Disney world!! I CAN NOT wait...Mainly because we havent had a family vacation. EVER. I think the kids will be beside themselves. But I am leary about the plane ride. Although, they are more excited to be able to chew gum on the plane!!

Today is my moms birthday. She would have been 71. I miss her so much...I am still so sad that she died before she saw how happy I am now, and to know that my family is back together.

Things are still wonderful in our little family.. The kids are great. A few colds here and there. They still love school.

I cant stand this snow anymore. I have already fallen twice, and Nick just fell this morning. Spring hurry please!!!

Still Moving On, in the right direction.

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