Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I used to be so much better....

I used to be so much better at blogging then this. I guess it's because when I started blogging it was when my life was in shambles and my marriage was falling (or fell ) apart and I had alot to vent about.
Now my life is great, so I should be blogging happy things. ...sigh..I'll try harder..
OK so since the last post, The kids started school. Sara started Gymnastics, and dance again. Bryan re-started work, and I decided to get my tubes tied next week.
Sara LOVES her teacher, Mrs Popal. She is still in the spanish/english class and is doing so well. We recieved a voicemail from her teacher about how well she is doing. We really are so proud of her, but I still think she is a 15 yr old girl trapped in a 6yr olds body.
Nick claims he "hates " school. He is thriving in math. He loathes spelling but loves reading. The classes are way too big now, they excessed a ton of teaching jobs. He has 29 kids in his class. He's lucky we are as involved as we are with his education or he would be lost.
So next Tuesday I'm getting my tubes tied....sigh...I am SOOOO torn about this.
When me and Bryan got back together, I made a comment about having a "get back together baby". He took it as a joke, and I guess a part of me was joking and the other part not.
For some reason, I feel like I'm not finished. I know that I am 39 and would be considered "high risk" and all that crap but I cant help the way I feel.
Bryan thinks I am trying to fill a void or that something is missing in my life. I dont feel that.
We had this conversation a few times and it never ends well. I think I was holding out hope that he would change his mind, but that is how he feels, and I have to respect that. He has very valid reasons to feel that way. So tuesday it is. I need to get rid of my IUD and I am in a crossroads.
Life is good right now. Bryan likes his classes. I am still trying to get a LPN position back. I put in for a position in the hospital and I am waiting to hear something. Fingers crossed. I dont want to have to leave and get another job, but I cant be a tech forever, no matter how much I like dialysis. Another crossroad.
I can't believe its almost November and the holidays are approaching. It went too fast I think. We are thinking about our next vacation, probably in April. We may travel to Myrtle Beach in Feb with the kids. Still in the talking phase.
Well that is about all that is major going on here.
I will try to be a better blogger in the future
Still Moving On....

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~Denise said...

I hear ya about being a better blogger... I've not been so great at it myself.

Get the tubes tied!!!! You will be fine. Babies are a lot of work, come visit mine if you want some baby time. :)

Texas is nice in the spring, you could come visit some family for vacation. There is a Sea World down here too. :)