Saturday, October 06, 2012

I'm 40...Holy Crap

OK. Just for the record, I don't think I LOOK 40. Not that I know what 40 really looks like. A lot of my friends are 40 and they look younger, so I'm lumping myself in with them.
However, I FEEL older than 40. I have aches and pains that my mother complained about in her 60's. But then again, Im getting acne like I did when I was 15 so....Hmmmm

Anyway, The 30s where a CRAZY  bunch of 10 yrs yo.
Lets start with 31...pregnant with Nick and got married (first time) So that was a great year!! 32 moved into our new house, after waiting for it to be rebuilt after it burned down Hmmmm, still good. But lost my mother in law to cancer. Not so good.
33 had Sara... yay good! 34 me and the hubby broke up and got divorced so NOT a good year. 35 & 36 were pretty crappy years, a lot of struggling being a single mom and working f/t. My mom had cancer as well and came to live with me before she died. 37 Mom died and me and the hubby worked things out, got back together and remarried..yay Very bitter sweet year.....38 got a job I loved at a hospital, took our first family vacation ever!! 39 1/2 lost a job i loved in a hospital. Currently working at a job i love in Home Care.(fingers crossed).

At 40 I can honestly say i feel content. I am very happy in my marriage, and my family life. My career is good, as is my husbands. My kids are healthy and happy. I have some regrets with some decisions I made in my 30s but now I am embarking on a new decade. 
I will work on being happier and healthier, the best wife and mother I can be.
Happy Birthday to Me!!


~Denise said...

Happy birthday!!! What'd ya get?

Stacy O said...

i got Diamond earrings and we got a tattoo on our ring finger it!!