Thursday, November 08, 2012

My New Job

 I started a new job in home care with a company called Bayada. They are a very nice company that really cares for their clients and their staff. (so far). I'm just saying that I always like a place when I first start and then something comes up and WHAM! Hating it.
  I have never worked in a place or a company that doesn't have co-workers I can talk to...anyone. 
Its not exactly a BAD thing, because you know, drama free. But sometimes it gets a tad lonely. Im a talker and a joker and a people person, so to just talk to the family member for a short time, and my patient takes some getting used to.
  That being said, I like it. I like the clients, the pay and my schedule for now. I have missed almost all of Nicks football games because I work Saturday into sunday and mama needs her sleep!. That stinks, but hopefully next season will be better.
   I am currently in a happy place in my life. xxoo
Keep Moving On.....

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