Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Family and Summer...Great Mix

My Sister-in-Law and her kids came to visit in July. We had such a great time with them, that it made me very sad when they left. Usually I'm fine when family leaves, because they are usually on my nerves anyway. However, this visit made me sad because I realize how my kids don't have a lot of family around them.
My mom and mother in law, both are in heaven. My father is doing his own thing most of the time, as is my sister and niece. My Father-in-Law and his wife are around but his health isn't the greatest as of late. There are no other kids in the family besides my niece and nephew that are in Far Away Land Texas... :(  . They got along so well, and just blended like cousins should. My son LOVES my nephew and wants him to be his baby brother. My daughter took my niece under her wing, and bossed her around as only she can...

The rest of the summer went by so fast, it was ridiculous. Both kids had camp, which kept them very occupied, and off each others nerves for a while. The hubby had his baseball coaching, that kept him off my nerves for a while :) . We didn't go anywhere for vacation, just some beach trips, and went to Splish Splash. ( Do you wanna know how old you really are?? spend the day at Splish Splash!)

I am looking forward to the kids going back to school, just not the drama that goes along with it. But I am sad to see summer go..


Laura said...

Have you forgotten already that your children do have a cousin that is about 5 minutes away. She would love to see them and have the come over as well. Maybe things can be civil enough for our children to have a relationship again.

Stacy O said...

I invited Michelle over several times. More recent when you were in jail. Louis said OK then it never happened. That's on him, and the offer still stands.