Monday, November 04, 2013

Bucket Lists...HUH?

      I don't particularly understand nor do I like Bucket Lists.
I believe they are way too much pressure on a person. (I also feel the same about New Year's Resolutions, which is why I don't make them.)

So let me get this straight, It's a list of things you want to do before you DIE...DIE.. what if you don't get to all of it? Does your remaining family members have to finish the list?? Cuz I'm not bungee jumping anywhere yo.
And every time you do something on the list, or think about the are thinking about DYING??
Here is MY bucket list..
1. Get all the laundry finished before the week ends, and the baskets refill. ( I will definately die before this happens, who am I kidding??)
2. Make it to my next nail appt. without breaking a nail
3. Make it through food shopping at Pathmark without seeing someone shopping in their pajamas
4. Hopefully live long enough to see my children go more than a day without fighting with each other..
5. Go to Target, Stick to the list, make it out under $100 (God willing)
6. Clean my house and let it remain that way for more that 2 days. (my kids may have to move out for that one.)

So that is my mini Bucket List. That. I can handle.
Do you have a bucket list?? Whats on it??

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