Thursday, July 03, 2014

So I'm Pregnant!?

    So I am pregnant. I think. Well I know I am, but it's not good, because I had my tubes tied in 2012…so not good.

    I'll start from the beginning . I was supposed to start Shark Week, June 23rd..and didn't. That was a Monday…By Saturday I was peeing on a stick, 2 actually, and they came back negative. So a call to the gyno was in order. The NP called back and didn't seem to concerned about the whole thing. She faxed me a script to get lab work for a Beta HCG test, AKA a pregnancy test. I went on Monday, and also went for an ultrasound that showed nothing, because its too early to show anything , in any place. On Tues, I got a call that the results were  62..and in a non pg woman , it would be 5..Uhhh Ohhh.
  However, its not a high enough number for a "normal" pregnancy, so she thinks its hanging out in the fallopian tubes. Yikes…I have no symptoms whats so ever. 
Soooo, I went for labs again on Wednesday. I got a call from a DR, her name is DR. Lien. 
She was very nice and explained the situation this way:
* my number is now 162, doubled but still not where it should be for a "normal" pregnancy.
* I have to go get labs every 48hrs for 2 weeks to see where my numbers go. Then go for an ultra sound , and hopefully it will show where this egg is hanging out.
* Then I have to go to the ER for an injection of a medication to take care of it from my tubes (if its there)
* If its actually in my Uterus, it probably won't be viable and I would need a different med for that.
* I would then need a Dye test to see WHY my tubes aren't completely tied, then i'm assuming i would have to go and get them "retied"
* Oh and if this egg is in my tubes and is too big I will have to get my tubes removed all together. But I won't know until this "situation" is resolved.
So now I'm floating around in Limbo…with no PG symptoms and no Period symptoms….just hanging.

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