Sunday, July 13, 2014

This has NOT been fun…in case you were wondering

On Wednesday I went and received the Methotrexate injection for this "baby" problem I've been having.
 I was supposed to go in, have a shot, get some labs and leave. WELLLL, I got there at 6:30 am and had to be triaged. I went to a room , and the nurse came and took blood and also gave me an IV, which I didn't think was necessary, but whatevs.
1 PA, 1 attending MD and 1 guy I have no idea who he was, later I saw my MD. Dr Shepard, is a sweet, soft spoken woman that can draw a mean uterus. She showed me where i was cut and why this could have happened. Basically they missed a spot, and the sperm is so small they can get through the tiny, very tiny, hole. Fabulous. But, this is "unlikely to happen again"…really lady. She agreed it sounded stupid even as she was saying it.. So in reality it can happen again.
  She left to order the meds and i fell asleep . after a 12 hr shift i was shot. I woke up at 9:45…WTH!
I went out of the room and was assured I wasn't forgotten, there was a question about the dose. great.
Another MD came in to give me the injection. 2 actually, one in each butt cheek. She then told me I have to have labs on Saturday, and this Tuesday to see if the numbers are coming down. Then once a week until they are under 5. Expect some cramps and some light bleeding. OK I can handle that.
Finally I got to go home, with my sore arse…
   I went with the hubby to look at a new car for me. (yay me, another post) and went to get the kids at camp at 1, just hung out the rest of the day. Very light spotting and no cramps..All Good..
   Thursday came and we went to Toyota to look at another car (yay me) ..B had a game so we hung out at home at he pool. Still feeling ok, i can handle this.
 Friday morning at 6am…Holy Sweet Baby Jesus…I woke up out of a dead sleep with horrible cramps and bleeding! Sweet mother, i was in pain.  I stayed up, in fear of hemorrhaging in my sleep.  This was not "some cramping and light bleeding" Thank you .
The whole day consists of Mortin, then Tylenol, bleeding and whining. Then the hubby leaves for CT for a baseball tournament. Worst. timing. ever.
I take the kids to dinner then Family Fun Night on main street. All the while taking meds and drinking peppermint tea to settle my cramps, which didn't work. and all i wanted to do was curl up into a ball, but of course couldn't while being the only parent here and all.
   I broke down and called the Gyno at 9pm on friday. Oh its normal, she says…It means the med is working, she says…It should last 24 hrs, she says…well she lies! all day yesterday, again today, pure misery!
I was supposed to go to the beach today, but I am miserable. So i cancelled, to my daughters dismay.
The hubby is on his way home thank goodness. I have to work tonight so yay me.
I have the option to  have my fallopian tubes removed so this doesn't happen again. But, that brings up a whole other group of problems i.e.  early menopause, hormone therapy and basically being a bigger bitch than I already am.
I don't think my marriage would survive that honestly. So I'm back to labs and limbo.

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